At Bike Culture, we are always sourcing around for value for money and great quality products. This time round, introducing the ORAGUARD® Bike Guard Film.

A little introduction to ORAGUARD®. ORAGUARD® is produced by German company ORAFOL who has been producing graphic films, reflective sheetings, and industrial purpose adhesive tapes for years. ORAFOL is known and trusted in the industry for their consistent high quality products, backed up by years of industry experience, top customer service, and excellence in meeting market requirements.

ORAFOL emphasise highly towards “Green Initiatives & Social Responsibility”. The company is committed to continuously improve their environmental sustainability efforts and corporate social responsibility, to help our communities and to protect the environment we live in. All ORAGUARD® Bike Guard Film is developed and made in Germany, and conform to ISO9001/14001/50001 standards.

Bike Culture ORAGUARD® Test
ORAGUARD® Bike Guard Film Abuse Test